We are highly trained Nail Care Professional team striving to pamper you and provide you the most unforgettable Impression of your relaxation & enjoyable experiences @ Impression Nails Lounge.
These are our policy help us to serve you better:
• If you are more than 15 minutes LATE for your appointment, we may reschedule you.
• No loud phone calls/conversations are allowed inside salon. Please have consideration for other patrons.
• You will be fully responsible for your belongs during your visit.
• If you are coming with kids, we requested you to take care of them responsibly. Any damage, may result in extra charge.
• We do not provide refunds on services; however, we will try our best to address your issues with repair or salon credits.
• If you are Diabetic, or have any infection, we may refuse services to you; if you insist on receiving services, it will be at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any consequences.
• We have the right to refuse or stop service for those who is rude, disruptive or problematic.
At Impression Nails Lounge, we GUARANTEE our works! Our products and application may last differently depending on each client’s lifestyle, health and adherence to the maintenance instructions. We will repairs your nails free of charge in the period the first 4 days after your appointment; however, regular polish will not guarantee due to the nature of the product.
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